11 signs that show you are experiencing spiritual awakening.

In this post we are going to talk about the 11 signs that prove that you are on your path to awakening. All these signs I am going to talk about is experienced by everybody because trust me everybody's universe favorite, there's no war going on. But the trick is to notice. When one starts … Continue reading 11 signs that show you are experiencing spiritual awakening.

Simpsons have been almost everyone's favorite. From predicting world's biggest incidents to exposing government, Simpsons have always given an eye opening show. Conspiracy theorists say simpsons are a way of the elites showing off what they will be doing in future. That world is in the hands of a group of people and they mold … Continue reading

How much is too much?

It is true that somethings cannot be quantified, or is it? For if you say emotions such as anger, love, solicitude, happiness, sadness, excitement cannot be quantified, then maybe you should think again. Everything in this world is relative. In physics motion is relative, you cannot say if an object is moving or stationary if … Continue reading How much is too much?

The pain of meditation

I have always been a volatile person, impatient and impulsive one really and it made me a poor decision maker. It wasn't healthy and still isn't at times. What turned this more than often event to a rare one was the introduction of the art of meditation and yoga. Meditation for a beginner is a … Continue reading The pain of meditation